My name is Danae Blewitt, and I have been piercing for 2 years now. From a young age I have always had a great passion for art and creating. As I got older I started to question the typical mediums for art and soon realised that paper and pen weren’t my thing. Exploring more and more into body modification, I became intrigued and interested with the weird and wonderful ways you could use the human body as a canvas. Whether it be something small and subtle, something wild and crazy, i couldn’t get enough.

So I began piercing, and have never looked back since. Through learning the human body and exploring different techniques, I am able to create a moment in time and something personalised to suit that individual. Each day is a different challenge, you never know what/who is going to walk through the front door and it’s forever exciting me. I am very privileged to be working along side all the artists at the shop, where excellence is a constant. Looking forward, i want to start designing and creating my own pieces of fine jewellery, and eventually have my own line of fine jewellery that I can share with the world.