Horigo is a resident artist. He has been tattooing since 2005.Born in (SYD) Australia. Horigo spent 10 years living in japan before coming back to Syd in 2009 his home town to share and spread the Japanese Art.
Always on a steep learning curve, His most interest is Traditional Japanese drawings, woodblock prints (ukiyoe). Artists such as Kuniyoshi, Kyosai and Hokusai are a big influence.
Horigo started out sculpting and painting before he started tattooing, always been in love with art as a child.
Horigo spends most of his time drawing, and polishing his drawing skills, Always looking for new ideas.
Horigo is always happy to consult about Japanese Body Art, Small or big. He has a vast knowledge of Japanese mythology and Symbology and can help guide you.
Please feel free to contact him with your ideas.

You can check out his Instagram for daily updates.
INSTAGRAM ; horigo